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Online Meal Planning with Mobile App Synchronization

Each meal plan is available in multiple caloric daily totals, to accommodate your individual calorie needs. View our meal plan section to get a description of each plan as well as the different calorie options available to you.

Our common meal plan templates supplies 7 days of structured meals, divided into 3 main meals and 3 snack meals. Calories are distributed proportionately throughout the daily meals for a balanced schedule.

With over 70 available meal templates, our online based meal planner service is one of the most robust available on the market. Choose a one time Ready-To-Print template to use as a guide or try our subscription service for full planning and logging.

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We make Your Nutrition Goals Easier

After selecting your desired meal plan based off a profile survey, you can easily print or email PDF copies of your plan.

Don’t like a particular food in your selected plan? Easily exchange it for a food item in the same class and the portion size automatically calculates to keep you on your caloric goal.

Generate grocery lists based off of your plan. Shop for 1 days meals or shop for the week, your choice. Also if you edit your pre-built meal template, your grocery lists updates as well.

Have a group of friends with similar weight lost goals? With our contest reporting feature you can run your own “Biggest Loser” contest with overall tracking by weight or body fat %.

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Mobile app


The MyMealCoach mobile companion app is free to download and readily accessible with your paid web monthly plan. An active account is required for login. Request demo access here! Below are a few of the features integrated and accessible through our app:

  • Full synchronization with your web account

  • Meal plans & grocery lists sent to mobile app

  • Exchange planned foods for preferences

  • Daily meal and exercise logging
  • Add foods to personal database by barcode scanner
  • FitBit Integration

Meal counseling services

Is Our online nutrition solution right for you?

Our online solution is designed as a counseling and self-help tool for our clients, giving them access to food & exercise logging functionality, but includes access to our complete library of ready to print Registered Dietitian designed meal plans. Insightful food counseling and helpful fitness tips are never far away with built in messaging directly through your connected smart phone app.

Your desired meal plan will be tailored with the combination of your caloric goals (weight loss, weight gain, or maintenance), as well as factoring in your estimated metabolic rate. Your metabolic rate will be computed for you using common factors like height/weight/age/daily activity level. If you have had professional testing and know your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) you can directly input this information.

Our services are provided in three options:

  • Ready-To-Print Template: Available in various 7-day and 30-day options, with associated grocery list. These are non editable templates created in digital PDF format. Each meal plan template purchase comes with a 7-day trial to our mobile app service.

  • Monthly Membership Service: Our membership service plan provides you with your meal template of choice, plus includes access to recipes and all of our available meal plan options. Membership service plan members are able to switch meal options at any time as well as adjust their nutrition goals as needed. The membership plan is ideal for those that desire longer term nutritional goals as well as value variety.

  • Cancellation Policy: Cancel anytime! Each membership plan is month to month with no long term commitment required. All cancellation requests must be received by email, prior to your upcoming billing cycle renewal date to avoid the next months charge.

Pricing Plans

Meal Plans to go service pricing

7-Day Meal Plan Template



What’s Included
  • Single Ready-To-Print pdf meal plan template

  • Ready-To-Print pdf grocery list

  • 7-Day complimentary access to mobile app

30-Day Meal Plan Template



What’s Included
  • Single Ready-To-Print pdf meal plan template

  • Ready-To-Print pdf grocery list

  • 7-Day complimentary access to mobile app

Membership Plan


per month

What’s Included
  • Single Ready-To-Print pdf meal plan template

  • Ready-To-Print pdf grocery list

  • Web access to all our meal plan template options with food & exercise logging
  • Unlimited switching of profile goals and plans

  • Unlimited Mobile app access during plan

  • Printable informational handouts

  • Printable heathy recipes to try

Over 70 Different Meal Plan Templates To Select

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